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August 23, 2005



Tell me its true!


Nice blog. Have been lurking for a while and always enjoy it.

Big Kisses from australia.


LOL. Somebody finally outed her once and for all. Well done!


that was DE-LI-CIO-SOS !
its funny that whenever I saw "enrique" on the telly, his bon-bon use to seem to whisper MY name too...
but my question for the day is:
why is it only in amsterdam (and most european countries)that homosexuals (and bisexual) can be free to be themselves ? you KNOW that celebs like him would NEVER have taken a risk like that here in the US...unless you happen to be a massage therapist that does housecalls and is use to being asked for "happy endings"...


Oh man, have fun with the libel suit! LOL.


you are the best


Now I know why I bookmarked this site. That was awesome.




Yes this is true, though I have to say I knew this a while ago. I found this bit of info out around the same time I got the confirmation on Rosie O'Donnell-sometime like August/Sept 2000. The bf of one of my friends works at a radio station in NYC and has a picture of Ricky with his bf with my friend and his bf at one of the NYC Pride events (I think-it's got the rainbow all over the place).


Great post. It really hit home.


I always wondered how anyone could NOT know about "Enrique". He's so obvious. I think he walks a fine line where he's half-out and half-in. I don't really care, honestly. Atleast he's not pulling a Tom Cruise...



Chad Hunt

Shame on You ... It's not polite to Kiss and Tell.


oh chad. stick a cock in it

William Scott

Did he kiss good? I bet so,
but I think it a waste that celeb gays don't have spine,, Say all you want but the Lesbians have us beat here guys,, it's still Macho to be Macho.. such is life


omg, thats freakin crazy.....

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