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August 07, 2005



funny, how the radio provides, ain't it?


It's funny how some people always find their ways into our minds. And yes, our memory is always sweeter to them than time, which is a shame...!


hey ethan,
ever see a handsome man in front of a restaurant on eigth avenue:
salt&pepper hair, sexy/muscular bod in a simple white crew neck t-sirt and a pair of worn-in jeans, smoking a "lucky strike"..?
i did, for ten years too... and i dont think i will ever get him out of my mind either...
two entries in one day, thanks for making my weekend complete and bringing back memories of my own !


Hey Ethan, I think you are right: it's about curiosity. I met a guy who would never date someone twice. His spell lasted for about five years. Until I managed to get him to bed again. Then the spell was broken. Maybe worth an entry, too. Great post, thanx!




The first cut IS the deepest. (sigh).


I know, it is isn't it. When the song came up on the radio I had to smile. Not a big believer but that's like a wink from God.


Yes, the first cut is the deepest! After my ex and I ended..that song held a lot of meaning for me.. What a great entry Ethan! Damn you and your perfectly beautiful entries! One day, I will be as good a writer as you! Good work!


You're sweet, hardly, but thanks :)


No really....you are!

Chad Hunt

hmmmmmmmmmm ... I never thought anyone could hurt me as much as the first(Patrick)and then as you get older love changes it becomes more real and you begin to see a life of possibilities with someone. You lose your self in that person and your only thoughts become making them happy and praying each day that they love you as much as you love them. That they know if they ever left you it would kill you. Their very touch or sound of their voice sends euphoric feelings of finally finding the one man in this world you can be happy with. Then they leave you broken, cut, scourged. I never thought anyone could replace Patricks face in my mind ... Then there was Marko. What is it they say ... "The third time is the Charm." Apparently the bad luck charm. I've never been more utterly hurt in my life and yet even today I would do anything for that man. Anything at all he ever asked. The people we love always have this power over us. Sometimes you fall in love instantly. I know I have. The way you know if that love is real or not is when they are gone if it's still there no matter how much they hurt you.


dear ethan,
as much as i loves to read your stories, i tink i am enjoying reading mr hunts comments just as much..!
(are you guys the same person by any chance ?!)

Chad Hunt

All I can say to that Clark is if I had an ass like the one pictured on the main page of this blog I wouldn't need a bf and I would stay home all day playing with it, and learning yoga so I could lick it myself and plow myself with my own cock. Alas, God created the whole universe and all I got was this lousy huge dick! A cruel joke when I'm such an ass man. At least it affords me finding boys with Hot asses who like sticking things in it since they can't themselves. And what a shame to think Ethan is a top. I mean really thats like me being a bottom it doesn't make sense. All that beautiful ass going to waste. It just breaks my heart that something so beautiful is so rarely appreciated. LOL


*gasps while reading Chad's last response*

well! who said there's no such thing as an honest gay man? :-)


oh, speakin of the first cut being the deepest, my "first" *sigh* mentally and emotionally enslaved me so much that the 2 guys i dated after him had the same name as he *guilty blush* but then i told myself it was done. i couldn't be that guy that spends 30 years pining over a guy. but then i run into him in the mall and it's like, "god, you're still amazing..." it's always so interesting how you can be affected by other people that way. or the fact that while we think this way of these boys, we never stop to think that somewhere maybe there's a boy who thinks and feels this same way about us. *shrugs*


Ain't closure a b1tch sometimes.

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