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July 26, 2005



You are jewish too???? OMG! I wanna marry you! hehehehehe :)


hey, if your mom was chinese (like mine) you would still be living at home (with her) and only finding sex with dirty magazines (like HONCHO...like i did till i was 26 !) ive never seen anything bigger than 7-8" in real life, so i guess if i were EVER to be in your situation, i would have just been in a state of "shock"... (and busy thanking someone up above at the same time !)
but in the end, do all religions and beliefs not preach the same morals, that: "remember, a penis is usually attached to a person ?!"

Chad Hunt

Now I know all of these other boys from the set don't want to make me angry and be hitting on my man. I'll just have to dick slap them all.


Funny. No matter how many times you try to censor yourself, it just comes out of your mouth - and it's never the right thing.

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