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July 21, 2005


Chad Hunt

a little to muscular for my tatse but one thing is for sure he is def. Hot! Hudson has a nack for finding some of the most beautiful boys and getting them to tae pictures in homoerotic settings. To see more of Hudson's work pick up ka copy of Blue or Dream Guys.


"home-education"...philly...sometimes one does want to re-evaluate the benefits of living in nyc and what one has spent more than 10yrs pursuing ?!on the other hand, i do get to see boys/men in my hood/gym that are just as appealing...but then they too are just as "far away" and "un-attainable" as mr.johnson...but thanks all the same for making your site more and more visually stimulating !(tastefully)


Also on strengthnet.com or repetrope.com


jeezus! He is gorgeous!!!!


Oh. My. God.


Dave is a real hottie. I've been a fan of his since he first appeared on Strengthnet.com!


And a good model for anyone who wants to get bigger, this guy has gotten bigger and more muscular every year since he joined Strengthnet. An amazing individual! I wish I could ask him what his secret is, and wish him luck in his next BB competition.

Peter Rivendell

I want him for ever.


Absolutely stunning! A perfect specimen of manhood if there ever was one!

Nike Shox Rivalry

The weather is changeable, invariable forever forever love, let light wind is brushed, warm sunshine exhaustion of you pass my sincere blessings every day happy, concomitant! Through the happiness!

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