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July 24, 2005



WOW. It's like you were describing me. I've always felt like it'll come, it'll hit me out of nowhere and eventfully I'd become a full-blown queen. But it never has, and I seriously don't think it ever will. No Streisand (in fact I had to look at your post again to spell her name), No Britney, some Madonna, and I no this is bad but I've never seen ALL of the Wizard of Oz (only bits and pieces). I can't work up the nerve for the life o me to call a guy "guuurrrl" or get a manicure. I know these are all stereotypes and gays come in all shapes and sizes(so to speak) but there seriously doesn't seem to be another like me within a 500 mile radius. Not that I'm some astonishingly amazing guy or anything but I'm normal(in the uncomplicated sense of the word), unmaterialistic, and romantic. A far cry from the flaming posers in the clubs I've been too. Not that I'm Rambo or anything, but I'm not RuPaul either. Is it wrong that I'm kinda glad I don't fit in with the gay community?


Hey there! Well, I am not missing any of the gay gene's at all! However, I must admit that I am Pradaless....boo! Oh well....I do think you are a great catch though. You are extremely intelligent, loyal and I'm sure you'd make a fabulous boy friend one day...Hell, if I were in NY, I'd love to go out on a date with you! The way you described yourself is kind of the guy that I usually end up with (or envision myself ending up with)....Have a great weekend, and enjoy your weekend on the island...


well, believe it or not, some of us that do buy the "prada" and listen to madonna are single too ! i personally find that if you are going to work hard and try to enjoy life while still being single (and still hope to meet that perfect man to compliment it) you may as well find comfort in a few luxuries,like buying nice labled clothes and shoes for yourself...especially if you live in nyc! it sounds very "carrie," but it has worked for me!(i think?) not to mentioned that when i did find myself in a relationship, i was still obsessed with buying nice things, but for HIM instead..! i guess i developed a habit of believing that i was "happy" when i could buy nice things for myself until someone would come along to fullfill my other needs, the ones that i couldnt satisfy myself...so once you pick-up a habit like that, it kind of just carries into the way you think or believe others to be like as well... but i was proven wrong in my last relationship where having new shoes and owning an i-pod with lots of music didnt seem to matter...just an understanding and comfort (including great sex and intimacy) between two humans that makes being single again seem unbearable ! and so here i am again with more shoes and remixes of madonna singles that fill my days, but with memories that seem to make them seem a lot less meaningful...but hey,in the words of "ms. bradshaw" : "having nice shoes to walk in seems to make the journey alone seem much nicer" (or something like that)
love your stories !
please keep writing!!


You're not the only one who believes in monogamy. For me, its the only way. Always has been. Me and my partner...8 years.
Britney.... no thanks. My last cd i just purchased is Coldplay. Yep, I do like many brand names, but I don't think thats a gay thing. I don't know any lines from any Bette Davis movie, and I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Monogamy is where its at Ethan!

Chad Hunt

He could just be living on 159th street in Manhattan. (hint)

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