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July 19, 2005



Wonder who's popping the Viagra?

Chad Hunt

Ethan ... is that your alter ego ... I can certainly attest to the reality of many of the situation thus son described on this set but I wonder if my dear ethan if you can tell which of the stars was flirting for real as opposed to the ones who were not. I know of at least one who finds you immensely attractive and intellectually fascinating, although his heart somewhat skipped a beat when he heard your thoughts on porn stars not being able to be monogomous becuase their jobs make it so they are not. Monogomy is also a thing of the heart and not just a physical attribute to a relationship. Someone could be totally devoted to you in their heart and the rest be purely mechanics. *wink*


Yeah, I can see where being surrounded by sex and porn all day long can make the yearning for it die....However, I'm sure when you first watched, it must have been a little exciting?! So, what exactly do you do? Are you apart of ML's crew?


Ethan, Haven't you had the urge to say, "oh what the hell!" and take on the porn actors that are following you around like chicks to a mother hen?

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