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July 24, 2005


Chad Hunt

I can't beleive there are no comments posted on this. It's such a cute story of first date conversation. Looking forward to reading it when it comes out. Is it Fantasy or Fiction. Perhaps autobiographical?

ethan gray

I know. Funny. I guess I should rethink the whole book thing. No this date happened, word by word (the rest of the book is mostly fiction). I can remember that date like it was yesterday. And that boy shattered my heart to pieces two years later.

Chad Hunt

Wheres that crazy glue ....


Wow, such a lovely story, I can almost feel the tension between you two. Would love to read more about it. Your ability to describe situations mostly by teling your feelings is great! And you're funny, too! What a mensch :-)

ethan gray

Thanks, Simon. Means a lot. There's more. A few chapters. We'll see. If I get more comments requesting maybe I'll post.


You are such a good writer. Your descriptions are spare, but you manage to convey a lot of emotion by being economical and judicious. I like your style. It's frustrating that there aren't more gay writers like you out there (cause there sure are lots of readers who appreciate it and can't find enough of the stuff).

That said, I would have suggested ending at "eggs benedict." Make it a half-modest, half-basking in the POW! moment when you realize you've just blown your date's mind. The "and french fries" carries it out a wee bit more than is needed. Sorry (I hate unasked for criticism, but, really, it's not criticism--your writing is amazing).


Hi Ethan, I agree with SH. I wrote earlier saying that I love your blog, and I think it's cuz' you really can write. Unlike so many bloggers out there, you don't have to put down so many words to convey emotion or a good story. Keep up the great work. I'm loooking forward to your novel.


How's the novel coming along? Now that the Cock Hunter is out, I assume yours won't be too long from now?

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