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July 20, 2005



Love the blow by blow !

Chad Hunt

All this attention and what to do with it ... Ethan, Ethan, Ethan ... sometimes the best thing is right in front of you if you just look hard enough maybe you'll see it... Oh and btw the guy who has a little thing for you had it from the moment he first walked into Lucas entertainment and saw you in Michael's office. Funny how things always happen that way .. it was the same way when someone first saw an Ex at the gym over a year ago... Do u beleive in just one look is all it takes to know?


WOW..You answered a lot of my questions here. Thanks! And I guess it's not surprising that they would discuss politics over dinner....TO assume that porn stars are unknowledgable or stupid would be an assumption that I would not make. WOW..They don't make more than that???? I would think it would be more! Hmmmmmmmm


It's called Caverject, not Coverjack.

Ethan Gray

thanks. I checked, you're right, I fixed.

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