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August 04, 2005



hey ethan, w/ your success: im sure your gonna be scheduling dates like a plastic surgeon in beverly hills...and if your interested: my friend "timmy's" dad is the original "malboro man"(german) and his mom is thai, so he is one really good-looking "erasian" kid ! but hes also only 25 yrs old (like me) and my height (6'2") but is as smart as someone his (our) age can be...and a model too! (just like his dad)(but NOT like me)
lemme know ! perhaps we can shoot for a "date" sometime early next year ? i can play the part of the "lousey" date that you double-booked...by accident...
(hope mr hunt dosent see this...)


Ha ha, great story. I actually cracked a smile once I figured out what was happening to you - that sucks so much! I honestly would have made up an excuse and ran. To quote Strangers with Candy: "Um, I have to go, uh, wash my grandmother."


LOL. Yikes. I guess their voices must've sounded pretty alike. Either that or the let's-set-up-a-date convo was super short. Heh.


Now Ethan I guess I should feel sorry for you in terms of Ron, but come on brother. You brought that on your ownself!!!! "I had a nice time. I'll call"?!?!?!?! If you had no intention of calling, why did you offer? Listen guys, you go out on a date, the guy bores you to tears, be up front and move on. None of this "yeah, love you, I''ll call" stuff. Now of course the smart ones reading this will realize I'm the guy who is always cast as Ron (not in Ethan's story of course...smile), but I'm tired of the dates where I know there will be no call back but the guy says "'ll call." We are all big boys and girls. Be honest and move on.



I disagree. On paper that theory works, but I think telling someone they're boring to their face is cold, unecesary. I'll take an "I'll call you" anytime over a "sorry, but you make me want to crawl under the table and die."


OMG! That is horrible! I would have just died...right then and there! That, my friend, is a mistake I am sure you will never make again! That is SOOOOO something I would do! Glad you pulled it off beautifully. Next time, store the number under, "Do Not Answer" associated with the right name...So whatever happened to Gunnar?


Now I'm not saying you need to say "this booty you will never touch you boring SOB", but the "I'll call" gives a glimmer of hope when there is none. For me, be up front; call me a boring SOB to my face. I'll curse you out over a cosmo, but I will not be rushing to the phone everytime it rings! :-)



Oh, and Strangers with Candy... I miss it so much, it hurts.

Hey Toby, know this one?
Mother: "I can't believe you did that! displaying pictures of yourself, how humiliating, what am I going to tell the other parents?"
"What's the big deal so we took a few naked pictures, it's natural."
"You were naked?"


Ha ha - this is apparently a line from the new SWC movie.

Principal Blackman: I need a student who's smart. Jerri, what's your GPA?
Jerri: Pisces...

Chad Hunt

O.K. one quick question is this Gunner from Philadelphia and is he the proud owner of GunnerWorld.com if so I know him well.


nope, NYC. I think he's originally from Texas.


ROTFLMAO, thanks for sharing that ;-)


i'm trying to feel shmpathetic for Ron. i REALLY am! haha but...i mean, i've been there. it's like you're sitting across this table thinking "uhhhh....grrrr...i don't wanna be mean... but..." lol

sucks tho. i guess that really was karma. i hope you made Ron pay second time out. jk

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