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August 01, 2005



Not udderly!!!! All the decent straight men I know are out of town, but if any come up I'll throw out a few names. It's funny how difficult comedy is and just because your grandmother thinks you are the funniest thing since Jack Benny does not mean you need to be on stage.


ethan gray

Yes, I agree. Hey, that's a good idea, anyone who has a cute single straight friend, send his info over. I'll give it to Kim (really, she's a gem, beautiful).


FREAKISHLY big-breasted???

You are so dead, Gray!!!!

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Ethan Gray

Oh PLEASE... I've seen cows blush when you walk by.


omg! What you said to Madeleine was something I would have said to my girls if they made me sit through something sooo bad! You crack me up! Gah! I wish I was in NY! You'd be sooo fun to hang with! Love reading your stuff mr. gray....


Although I have to confess that just hearing about Miss Madeleine makes me want to send her some flowers and ask her on a date. In my previous life I did date women (no hissing please). In fact my longest relationship was with a woman. Granted this is way too much sharing, but I'm at work and would rather be drinking.


Chad Hunt

Why grandma, What big breasts you have! ... the better to Titty Fuck with my dear!


Hahahaha...that's funny CHAD! Why don't you have your own blog???


uhm, ive seen some BIG breasts in my lifetime too (ie: my "french-canadian-lesbian-wife-that-needed-a-greencard") and after 3yrs of being "married" to a woman, ive learned to respect that they are equally smart and strong when it comes to being successful (and re-wiring a ceiling light/fan w/ 3 speeds and a dimmer) she is also pretty good at seducing "straight" woman into bed and making them cross-over ! perhaps we can consider the possibilty of introducing your girlfriends to her, invite your "gorgeous"straight male friends along, and get ready for an all-"out" experience ! kill 2 birds w/ just one lesbian stone ! (?)i promise that i will only "watch"...along w/ you, of course !!
ps- who says that "gay marriages" dont work ?!


That's hysterical Ethan! I'll just add these footnotes, as one of the Unfortunate Three in attendance: throughout the night, I was humming in my head "Comedy School Drop-Outs.. go back to high school" (sung to that 'Grease' dream sequence) The performances (minus Wilson's) were so mind-numbingly, hair-curlingly AWFUL that it took consecutive big-gulps of "Pabst Blue Ribbon" beer -- in the CAN -- to help us laugh about it. Seriously people -- don't make the rest of us suffer through your delusions of talent. That's what your shower, hairbrush, and local karaoke bar are all for! UDDERLY TRAGIC!


Great story, but we never heard about the act that was so good. What was it, exactly? Should people definitely go and check out future performances? And what about Wilson's partner? I bet he's hot too, or at least cute in a Midwestern sort of way.


haha that's a funny story. i dunno, i think even the most mediocre experiences sometimes can end up being hilarious when you look back at them later. i mean, it was funny for me to read about. and i might be gay but i looooove me some big breasts! your friend and i need to meet for a drink. i'll bring a hot str8 boy for her. actually, i'll bring a hot str8 boy for me AND her (hey, why should she have all the fun?) lol.

oh, and i once did karaoke at Pieces. yeah, i know. and it was Cher. yeah, like i said, i know. me and these NYU gay boys just kept signing up to sing "the divas" (madonna, cher, janet..blah). looking back, i guess it was funny. excruciating at the time, but funny as a memory. ya know, flipping my imaginary hair back and curling my tongue to "Dark Lady". *shudders* lol. well, i'm glad Wilson's show rocked. that's coolness.


Wow! I had no idea that my breasts would be so lovingly embraced by you boys. Thank you so much for your kind words and loving support. They would be honored to meet each and every one of you for drinks.

And Krister, let me just say from personal experience that Wilson's partner has got himself one bangin' bod. I'm thinking a little God's Pottery sandwich would be quite tasty.....


I've had experiences at the local country Presbyterian church where the act was so bad I started giggling uncontrollably and had to get upand leave in the midst of the caterwauling. Something about a cabin over in GloryLand that's almost ready for me. Sounded kind of sinister to me.
I'm gay, but it's just so much fun to get lost rolling around in a pair of soft, huge, billowy breasts.

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