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August 15, 2005



GAM, single, exceptional with domestic chores: especially laundry and making beds w/ perfectly tucked "hospital corners" from years of experience with family (chinese) owned laundromat...
also good with orginizing and transfering illegible phone numbers from crumpled pieces of paper...
will work for just the experience of being around a "highly-desirable-maturing-sex-god"...
also skilled at selling things on e-bay, specialty: used-sheets, addresses and phone numbers...


Sheet-worthy! I love that! I am sooooo gonna have to remember that! However, nowadays, I think, "Are they worth a spot in my cell phone"? Because I have put SOOO many numbers in mine, that I just eventually delete them, because I forget who they are!

Chad Hunt

He will be making a big mistake if he decides not to use that number is all I can say. Good Luck. I hope it works out for ya.


it does make a lot of sense... =D
but hey, he was worth 15 minutes, if nothing else!


You know what... I love your writing style... I felt like I was with you...

I can so relate to wondering if people are sheetworthy, great observation...

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