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August 17, 2005


miss swan

i T-tell you sumTing...
i Tink he...
he...a...looka-like-a man...yeh,ooh-Kay...he...a...looka-like-a man!!
so GOOwd, so GOOwd...
Tank you, Tank you...


Did you ask him about his ear surgery?

I don't like this fawning over Reichen. From what I've heard, he has all the personality of tofu. Aside from the fact that he'd pose on the cover of a magazine for a bag of Skittles.


Used to know Reichen's ex real well when I lived in LA....Know Reichen as well...he's no dummy. Keep in mind he was an Air-Force pilot and engineer. And oh, yeah....he's gotta be one of the hottest guys out there.....I just wish he didn't let his Amazing Race "fame" go to his head.

Chad Hunt

Thats what I call trying way to hard .... A real man just is... He doesn't have to try to be one by over developing his body ... I'd much prefer a sexy real man like you over this muscle chump anyday.


yeah, did you ask him about getting his ears pinned???? Oh, and who is his boyfriend???? Anyone we might know?


nope, didn't ask about the ears, was focused on other anatomical parts. I know, I know, it's cheesy, but couldn't help it. he was adorable. can't the same about the guy he was with.


out here in L.A., it's a well known "secret" that Reichen is sleeping his way to the middle... (and Toby's right about the tofu personality, too). so pretty on the outside, so little substance or beauty otherwise. too bad.


Blech, Reichen is cute but the fawning has got to stop. I see plenty of cuter and *genuine* guys in NYC all the time. It doesn't matter how hot you are if there's nothing in the inside to keep your interests. Oh and regarding his "manliness" many people have confirmed "when he speaks a pink prada purse falls out of his mouth."


Ooooo the claws are out!


looks like tarzan. talks like jane. smells like cheetah. i saw that movie and it wasn't pretty.


I think he is great!!

The Malcontent

Toby is right. I met Reichen at an SLDN dinner. He is dumber than a box o' hammers, and has a personality to match. But he is hotter than shit, and he is coasting on it. Good for him, I guess.

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