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August 07, 2005



hooray for the "power" of the PINGA... i bet mr chad hunt gets all of his clothes for FREE !!
(and perhaps why I always have to pay full price...)
i am glad that you are keeping us updated while still being away on your travels :)! but please consider posting a picture of your brother (minus the 'la style' shirt...and pants?) developing another crush on someone that dosent even live in nyc...thats just like having one for someone who has a blog on-line!
"shades of gray(S)"


OMG...That is hilarious!


Okay I'm all for getting a feel here and there, but jeesh. Could the sales clerk be a little bit less crazeeeee? :-)



ROTFLMAO dick-count!

Chad Hunt

let's just say i have been known to geta dicount or a few freebies now and then ..ever wonder why I'm always in Dolce and Gabanna.

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