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September 21, 2005



Damn, now you've got ME crying. Any chance your folks would consider adoption?


awwwwwww..you have such great parents!


Your essay/blog is one the first things I turn to every day, and every day I am reminded of how truly amazing, exciting, scary and rewarding it is to merely live life. Thank you for sharing.


I have a very supportive mother. It was not always so. For the first couple of years, she referred to my partner as "that man you live with". She came around slowly...but once she did she embraced him fully. It has been 30 years, she considers him family. They have developed a strong bond based on mutual respect and love.


There are times when I would like to be able to cry like that. Unfortunately I can't, I've tried every thing from watching movies to thinking of death. But movies are fantasy to me and death is just a process we go thru and not an end.
I never had the luxury of having understandable parents, I've always had to do for myself.
So anyone who ever said that liitle boy's shouldn't cry were wrong and anyone who said that men don't cry are really wrong. So cry, then someday maybe I will. And people won't think I'm cold hearted litle Biotch. HRH♦P.K.

aussie gav

I had a similar situation with my Mum. Broke up with my b'friend of 4 years and didnt cry much, but spoke to my Mum and couldnt stop bawling. She said to me later when I hung up she threw herself on her bed and cried for an hour because she wasnt able to hold me. She is a wonderful woman, sounds like you have got one too.


your lucky, if that happened to me my mom would probably say something like "serves you right for being gay *insert lecture here*".


Thanks for the comment! I'm feeling much better today, but I still look hideous. hope things are going well with you.


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