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November 28, 2005



If I was with you that night, you wouldn't have the nerve to leave my side. ;)


you greedy greedy little boy! that's what happens....sad to say! But at least you have Brandon's number!!!!!


"One cannot decide that he or she wishes to be in a relationship, and then go around looking for someone to be in a relationship with. One must find a person they like enough to want to be in a relationship with that person specifically. Then and only then will the relationship work."

Bobby Alexander

haha that's a funny story. i did that once, but not at the same time. i "double-booked" as they say with dates. actually, it was like triple booking cuz i had three in the same night. it was a mess. i wasn't being greedy with them, i just was dumb enough to accept three dates for the same night. between finding excuses to cut the date short, inhaling three dinners with my stomach full after the first one, and getting so drunk by the the third one, i had definately learned my lesson, too.

...and like you, i was just beginning to date again after a bad breakup. *shrugs*

Martin Smith

The refrain in that old song goes like this "love the one I'm with",
this is a lifestyle you should try to emulate. Your approach makes great copy but...


feel u men when single this stuf happens and the worst is when u meet to intereted cute guys on the same night i does suck


GOSH ethan,
as a fellow new yorker, i feel that i can totally relate to your experience! when i am home at night (alone) watching the telly (esp. fridays & saturdays) and find more than one program that i want to watch, ill switch from one to the other and miss out on all the good parts, finally finding myself not satisfied or entertained in the end at all....

ps - im kinda tall and dark.. and i have a big pair of blue...balls ...wanna try going out with me sometime ?


at least brandon and luke didn't run out of the bar together... i was actually expecting you to say that.

it's been a while i haven't checked your blog so had a lot to read. it amazes me how wonderfully written they are.

glad you are over your blue phase.
big kiss.


I have to agree with Roy. Stop behaving like a 5 year old and be honest with yourself. Everything I've read on this blog definitely points to you not actually wanting a relationship, just the rosy idea of a relationship. Real relationships are difficult, between the constant compromise that allows you to function as a couple to the pull from society that says gay men aren't supposed to have substantive relationships. Either be blunt with yourself and realize you aren't meant for it (some people aren't) or change your behaviour. Yes, you can change your behaviour, I did much of the same sorts of things in the past-sleeping with more guys in a week than I have fingers, but I managed to stop all of that and have been happily monogamous for nearly 5 years now and with no end in sight (and the sex is better than I'd ever thought possible ;) ).

William Scott

I have no judgements on you wanting to have two good things at once, ,, we always want it 'all',, but don't let something close slip by for something further away ... long distance sucks eggs,, but even with my experiences of long distance,, I would do it again for the 'one'.. silly me.


this story made me laugh so hard that i copied and posted it over on my blog, with full credit and link to you... I've done this myself (ok, double booked, not the meet-another-hadsome-stranger bit) and maybe why thats why it made me laugh so hard. Bird in the hand baby...

Mr. Secret

Haha... You and I need to hang out sometime. Seems like we go through the same shit. Happened to me before I started going out with my newly-exed-ex (we broke up last night). The night I met him, I was on a quasi-date. One was upstairs, the other downstairs... I ended up fucking up both, but luckily Michael (the newly exed-ex) was still into me and we dated for seven weeks. Oh well.

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