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November 15, 2005



After reading this, I felt like I was "write" there with you that night. :-P


Hahahahaha...I like Sarah! And I totally love Degas! I was looking at the picture thinking...God Damn it..I know who that artist is..but I just couldn't put my finger on it! They have lovely taste in art, and they are totally rolling in the dough!

Fae Moon

Now, that's the type of friendship that can last through the ages. Although you were on the hit end of that joke, Sarah must have known her new mommy-in-law would handle the 'unexpected' well. Bless you for just dealing with it in stride.

The Promenader

funny, moving and a poke in the eye....I just discovered your blog through HomoMojo blog review and have to admit that i am hooked. Ethan, you write with a certain verve and your entries are sharply observed,devastatingly funny and moving all at the same time. Keep it coming....

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