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December 21, 2005


Chad Hunt

OMG ... that is hilarious ... I am the same way though if the boy I'm with is someone I like, and not just a hook-up...no sex...at the most jerking off for the first week ... I at least need to appear virginal even if everyone knows I'm a big whore on camera.


LOL @ Chad! I think I would have been freaked out too, and I think it's great that you asked him about it instead of wondering what had just happened and why. Maybe there will be more with you guys?


Ethan, it seems nearly every guy you hook up with has an enormous penis! What is your secret!


That would be my big ass.

ura nagger

least ya coulda done waz to suck his nutz to help em get off.

maybe then when it waz ur turn he wood offer to do the same?

maybe he luvs his tv more than u?


I love how watching porn with a guy is "old-fashioned." LOL

Cliché Guy

wow... that really is... surprising. just when i thought a gay guy couldn't surprise me anymore... but aside from that little fact... I think to be old fashioned he shoudln't have allowed the clothes to come off...


i'd like to see the top five or six gay blog writers get together in a communal marriage of sorts...

Think of the money and time saved if they had one larger site that would cater to all...

If they all wrote about the same story we'd have completely different stories being told due to their perspectives and writing styles.

Posting some photos of some of the action would increase traffic to the site... more ad revenue would be the result...

Would be nice to see it on a trial basis for a year and if it didn't work out just think... some might pair up together in the ideal relationship, hit it off really great?


You are a big whore...you just pretend there is more to it.

Bobby Alexander

haha that happened to me once, too. except it wierded the heck out of me. there's just something odd about watching porn in the company of others-especially guys that you are attracted to. i mean, to me it's just odd.

i went on this date with this 32 yr old when i was 20 and he took me back to his apt to "watch tv" (naive little me i thought he was serious about the tv watching) and all of a sudden it's "welcome to Falcon-land" on the screen. he whipped his out and (unlike your boy, Ethan) stroked and stared me down like he wanted to just scream "what's wrong with you!? don't you wanna join in!?"

...so i just looked at him and was like, "um...so i wonder what's on VH1?"

(cuz that's back when VH1 used to actually play videos and they played alot of Mariah and i was a huge Mariah fan--yes, i was tottaly serious. i really wanted to know what was on VH1).

so, i totally get your story, Ethan and i think maybe you should give this cute, lanky blonde boy a chance. i mean, first "date" and he's already opened up your mind a bit. imagine the second and third.


LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY. Omg! you had me in riots.


Duh, dude, most likely, he has herpes, and does not want to infect you. He will tell you next time you meet (if it goes further). You can ask him, too - he seems like a nice guy, and won't lie to you.


Herpes? heh heh.

Maybe he actually LIKES you and doesn't want to take it so fast, so that he is not just another fuck/trick. Or maybe he was a little nervous b/c he is hot for you. Not everyone is as sexually confident as the next person. Whatever, keep 'em wanting more.




I count myself lucky that this is the first entry of yours that I get to read. Fucking hilarious.

My father would flip if I told him the definition of "old fashioned" was to put on some porn while masturbating with a first date, I think he´d have a hernia.


Ethan,where are you??you need to make more posts for Shades of Gray-the book...i already began to design your cover;) seriously we missed your posts...BTW Happy New Year


Ethan, are the rumors of your death greatly exaggerated?

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