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January 26, 2006



poor ethan...if it will make you feel a little better: the only reason why i cant find the courage to visit your friend "josh" in rio is because i wouldnt want him to be the "alex" in your story...and i definitely would not want to be the tall guy in the story either...or the chubby guy that gets stuck driving the broken-hearted boy all the way to the airport...but i know that "josh" is in fact a really, really, one-of-a-kind GOOD PERSON ^_^


feel u dude ,good thing u donot live in the same town that would have been worse.


You write very well, but sometimes I think your stories are a bit embellished.


yep, embellished, but entertaining


perhaps its time to get mr gray on "oprah" ...
but reading good writing is good for the mind, which in turn is great for the body and health, mmmmmkay ...


Hi! Fun read as always, but how do you end up in these situations?
I read this a long time ago and it's so true. If you want to know where a situation is going, look back to the beginning and all the signs are there, whether you noticed them or not. The tone and direction is set from the start. I wasn't there and I don't know these guys but I can't help but think there was something that hinted where this would go, from the beginning of that first encounter.
Anyhoo, keep contributing to the letter world. :)


Damn...you really got some great luck, huh?

Bobby Alexander

funny thing is, sometimes farts are cute! anyways, hey you live and learn right? it could be that you were spared from an even more complicated situation.


wow - dude, you can really write. great stuff. perfect ending too. sounds like you really have your self together. excellent.


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