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January 15, 2006



I've come across your site, recommended by many others...I see why...and karma is a bitch


I've been in your position before, the one where I've been an accomplice to cheating. I know the whole guilt thing too. It's a bitch. I probably would have laughed if that had happened to me. You must admit, some random guy offering to give you a sexual favour is quite odd.


Hey dude, I think your blog is really really cool and I wish I were a gay. I mean your lifestyle is so awesome especially the shag wif that hot guy. Woww...


Are you obscenely good looking or is this just what your city is like?

Gracious. I need a ticketing office.


Your wallet's in the mail. Sorry 'bout that - it was too easy.

Jimmy T

I love your writing. It brings me back to my life in West Hollywood quite a while ago...the '70's. Pre-Aids, when we were so free to do stuff like that without any thought of consequences. When I used to drive around at two in the morning in my shiny little Fiat X1-9, jacked on speed, pull over to the curb and yell at any hot guy still walking Santa Monica Boulevard at that hour, to "get in the fuckin' car, man" and drive up in the hills and have sex in those tight little seats or go back to my place on Hollywood Boulevard and get even higher and get fucked through the wall and scream with the ecstasy of anonymous sex with hot strangers and big cocks. Now I live in Tucson, where I don't know a freakin' soul, and enjoy the company of my psycho little dog and watch the blazing sunsets every night, still smoking bowls of fragrant marijuana and throwing back shots of Ketel One, and think about those things that won't ever happen again.


Bless you, my son, and sin some more!

And be sure to tell us about it...

Practice makes perfect?


poor ethan...the good news is, for those of us who believe in karma tend to follow a little guideline that claims:
"for every bad deed or lie that we tell, it will take ten good deeds to payback the karma that you have invited in..."
well, enjoying sex and fulfilling your desires is something that can be a rule of "yama" (personal code) that is constantly broken in a "gay-man-living-in-nyc's" life, but being "aware" of your behavior and actions (and sharing it with the rest of us "holier" ones) will most likely earn you back a lot of good merit my friend!!
*ohm shanti*
ps - extra points for shagging an "ex-of-your-ex-roommate" is in the rule books too ^_^


better hope he didnt pass his warts or herpes to your junk.


NO! -- that did NOT happen to you! that sucks!!! now I'm sweating, waiting to see what kind of cosmic payback, karma has in store for me. Yikes!

Bobby Alexander

Wait, but you and the unavailable guy only jerked off in front of eachother? or did i read that wrong?

Joshua J

Wow, hey I love your blog, great stuff, very entertaining.
Thanks! Josh

Man Meat Master

Sadness for karma, and sadness for toothy blow jobs...


Oh damn...that is all I can say!


Karma's a bitch, hitting you with more sex for having sex...


you're blog is pretty cool. you share probbably a little bit more than i would dare to since the gay community here is small. which, i too, have been on both sides of cheating, and it gave me nothing but mud on my name. i felt pretty bad for you when i read this because i kinda think you're a little like me, looking for a connection, but no matter what, you get pulled into other things. sometimes it really makes me sad to be a gay man. bad, right?

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