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January 10, 2006



Never feel guilty for being a total whore! You need to OWN it!


Damn - you write good. I start and can't stop.


Hey Ethan,

Good to have u back... As always you write superbly.


Christ, I've turned into a fan boy.

I'm sitting in London for the first time in my life, three days into the trip, and I'm reading your fucking blog. I need to see someone about this.


You went to Rio???? Damn! What a great vacation!!!!!


"An excerpt from a novel I'm writing called The Black Wind."

The Seth stories are awesome. When does it come out?

You're probably tired of hearing this, but you are such a good writer. Head and shoulders above all bloggers. Hell, a mile above all the published fiction I come across.


Nope, never tired of hearing that.


that . . . was . . . fantastic . . . . more soon please.


ok so I've explored your blogs and I too think you're a great writer...

But here is my reaction to your life:

I like that you realized the rollar coasters are better than merry-go-rounds

and that a man who knows Salinger is sexy...

BUT Abercrombie and Fitch is really not cool... Im 25 and used to wear it in high school... Im not advocating judgement of a guy based on a fashion choice but when I see gay guys in it now... it just screams their desire to be and/or fuck that jock that they fantasized about throught youth... it's sad...

good luck in the jungle... try not to cut down too many flowers with that machette

keep writing... J


I like the way you write.


Ethan, this might be my favorite one from you so far. And that's saying something.


Have to agree with Joe.My.God. and sure enjoyed the nude photos you had posted of yourself last week...

Are you going to put them back up and add new one?


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