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March 01, 2006


Jonathan Federico

This is such a great entry. It's so sad isn't it, how the quest to become so beautiful on the outside makes you ugly on the inside. SO sad...


OMG....You'd think you were blogging on location from West Hollywood....not NY!

Jerri Blank

Plastic surgery in South America = BIG NO-NO.


yes: when we discovered that water was good for us, people invented "distilled" and bottled mineral waters...and when people are addicted to the gym and love looking good, they desire even more for themselves and get some plastic surgery...
but my impression of rio is that people there are so natural, innocent and pure; and yet they still manage to look so healthy and happy, regardless of their lack of "modernization"...the plastic surgery however, i am sure was introduced to them by us, just like micky d's in china and democracy in iraq...


Brazil was the place to go to see Dr.Pitanggay...
THE plastic surgeon to all the movie stars in the 1940's & 1950's.


Were they hot?


i missed you blog for the while u stopped writing. it's great to have you back ethan. =)

hmmm.. i always thought you can do lipo locally, not going cross the border? hehe..


You should have joined in that conversation and gotten a date!!



Yes indeed, agree with Paul above. They sound just like you. Missed opportunity there, mate.

Bobby Alexander

I dunno. I mean, what DO you talk about in locker rooms? I've heard the wierdest convo's being had at mine but I chalk it up to the fact that locker rooms tend to feel more intimate than say, the corner of 23rd and 8th Ave, so...

I don't talk at all in the locker room. shower and go.


And people ask why I like straight guys.


Perhaps another reason you're single is that every post I've ever read on here indicates your obsession with "hot", "sexy" and "beautiful". I've rarely heard you say much about a person, just usually about their body or their eyes or some other form of "hotness".
And I'm not saying you have to date some fat, ugly guy, but just think about some time getting to know someone for their personality and you might find yourself someone that turns you on mentally... then physically.


nice site. keep on keepin on


Well, most people do go to the gym to lose weight.


Silly Gym Bunnies – Liposuction is for kids.


Update your blog, chico! I miss your tales of the ci-tay.

eric m.

hey tiger, where y'at? :-)


Speaking of...Check out this hilarious clip from So NoTORIous. Either Tori is moonlighting as a dominatrix or making a very convincing video to kidnappers if Mimi La Rue ever went missing-you make the call. So NoTORIous airs on Sunday nights at 10 on Vh1.


did shades of grey fade away?


You could have at least said goodbye...

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