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April 24, 2006


Bobby Alexander

So good to have you back Ethan. You were missed. :-)


Damn, reading this makes me fall in love with you... please write Ethan's Room... lol

Johnny Diaz

Bravo! Welcome back, chico! This was worth the wait! :)

C'est Moi

Oh no. I think my favorite moments in your blog are when you talk about Seth.

They are also the most painful. They always remind me of MY first love- Mathieu.

Etahn, what's with wanting everything you can't have, and never having anything you want?



Back and better than ever.


Can you just write more often? You know people linger about waiting for the next entry.

By "people", I mean "me", of course.


SO glad that you are back to bring some laughter (and pain) into my mornings ...and throughout my days ...
always feels good to know the we share something in common w/ our love/relationship/experiences ...

darling daintyfoot

ahh so beautiful is giovanni's room...one of those books you buy up all the copies you can and give them to anyone who means anything to you and has never read it.


What's a book?


At least he'll never forget you when ever he sees that book.

I'm sure he goes back to that day in his head every single time.

Unless he burned it !

Great story. HRH♦P.K.


nice story, I like the ending haha.


I just bought the book and am set to read, thanks for the recommendation :-)

Glad to read you again.



i just bought TWO copies yesterday and gave one to the boy that i just started dating out here in san francisco, so that he can read it on his flight to nyc this weekend...i also got a copy of "room w/ a view" to read while hes away...if things work out for us because he was impressed by the book, i will owe you one !!
he is already falling in love w/ my cooking skills, which i learned all from joe ...


sublime. well done.


Great to have you back! And what a great story, deftly written as usual.


It's nice to finally have internet again, to catch up with you. :):)

Anyway, the major point of this comment is to let you know that Chantilly Lace had to be deleted due to some very, very unfortunate circumstances. Instead, check out http://chocolatblanc.blogspot.com . Same me, new name. :)

Glad to be able to keep up with you again. I missed your writing.


What a story teller you are. Beautiful.


Awoke at 3 am and got lost in your blog, which i found by mistake. maybe there are no mistakes. thanks.


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
You are going to make me late for work.


Immaculate story.. I loved it.
Greetings from Lithuania :)

Ángel Manuel

my god... i have been reading quite a long of your stories... i'm impressed that at last I feel like I'm been understood, that I'm not the only one in this world that sees things deeper than what normally people do... anyway, i'm the one now who have that deep sense of vacumm in his heart, like when you feel so realized because something of you is no longer part of you, but has been pass to be part of everyone... I loved it!

lonely aphlaton

woooow man
r u a famous novelist or somthin ?
I love ur writing style


& I'm absolutly goin 2 read giovanni's room ;)

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