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May 06, 2006



Exquisite as always. A tragedy in miniature.


Again...amazed at how much you communicate, how little you need to say.


I think your 72 hour grace period blew too much cool air. If it's meant to be - why wait? Screw the rules.


The gay New York man's dating story, unfortunate, but not at all unusual. I think the "... Is everyone as cute as you in this city?" line is a red flag. As one guy on my blog said, boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.



That was beautiful. Thanks.


feel you those guys you think is mr right then turns to be just another asshole

snatch face

I've missed you, your writing, and your endless supply of black and white/sepia photos of sexxy boys.



and sometimes a molecule will stick and hang on to the perfect one; the one that just wants to let go and move on ...

are e-mails really the only way to communicate these days?
i have surely forgotten how to stamp and post a letter that was hand written w/out spellcheck ...but your stories are always a pleasure to read, especially while waiting online for that special e-mail from someone far away...or that hook-up thats hopefully still interested ...


heh, that 72 hour rule, along with many of the other 'rules' are great if you're dealing with disingenuous people. There must be easier ways to keep that 'fire' burning.
Hell if someone's interested in me (and vice versa), then I'd be happy to receive an email much before the 72 hour timeline.

The Gay Guru

Etiquette is perfect for High Tea's and knowing which fork to use. In today's dating world the rules are "forget the rules". Within our OCD world, a 3 day wait could mean a 3 date wait, and you moved to the back of the line. Leave the games to Hasbro, and if you like someone, let it known and set timelines for communication. I can return an email from my cell phone if i wanted, a few days to a few weeks is a blow-off. However, I dont get to visit often, but love the elegance of your writing, will stop by more often....GG


So good. Do you think you could maintain the style over a novel length plot?

JK Stonecipher

Sigh...thank you for writing that. I just had that enire experience in one weekend in Atlanta. It must be the same everywhere :-)


Ouch. I guess it does happen to everyone. :(



You're a really good writer. I don;t know if I could put the same experience into words like that.


Hey there. Just stumbled across your blog. I really enjoy your style of writing. Lots of heart in your thoughts. I can totally relate to the silly NY dating thing. I've finally grown up enough to stop playing games. Unfortunately, just because I stopped, it doesn't mean everyone else has. My next goal is to call them on it.

Bobby Alexander

I dunno Ethan, I'd have to play devil's advocate and say you started it first. 72 hour rule? C'mon. However, I'm wierd like that I guess. I wouldn't have been offended by his put offs. May have lost interest romantically, but not have been offended.

I'd have to agree that when it comes to dating, the main rule is forget about the rules.


Just want to add to the chorus. Glad your back. Always enjoy your writing.


Wait... your previous post about Giovanni's room and Seth??? Where did that go? It was beautiful. Just like this current post.


apologies... my browser was going haywire. I see the post now. Keep up the great writing, Ethan.


I think the problem was that you suggested Food Bar. Blah - way too Chelsea.


What a wonderful writing describing something that has happened to all of us. So glad you're writing again.


I'll be honest, when I read most blog "stories" I like their plot lines enough, but the writing always comes off as so forced. This sucked me right in and was terrific. As an aside, if you're looking for another good book soon, I'm reading The City of Falling Angels by John Berendt and it's quite engaging...


I enjoyed your post so very much that I was prompted to post my own most recent dating misadventure that was amazingly like yours


Thank you for reminding us all that we are not alone in our expereinces.

Lavi Soloway

I've never read your blog before, but I thought you really hit it spot on with this story. While I don't agree with waiting 72 hours and then sending an email to show interest, I think the result would have been the same even if you had initiated the process with a phone call the next day. The guy was all talk. Or rather, not even that.

Lavi Soloway


fantastic as always. bless.

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