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June 07, 2006



Is that first paragraph your original words. The stuff of the wall. I thought it was wonder and want to write it in my journal but want to credit it.


Please check this marvellous poem by Constantine Cavafy, which naturally (at least for greek emigres like me) came to my mind after this post..

His walls were not as easily demolishable as yours, however..or is 'easily' an overstatement?..hmm


Just wanna wish you good luck with Cameron. At the very least, have a good time. You deserve it. Heck, we all deserve a Cameron once in a while.


i have been reading you blog for sometime now and i wish you made more entries, but life takes hold and we get all caught up, i think your writing is wonderful, and i understand how one man can come along and the wall comes tumbling down, its a great feeling, its a beautiful feeling that i still feel 2yrs later when i stare in to his hazel eyes, when i kiss his lips, and he touches me in all the right places, good luck...


wow u had me going there lovely/dreamy entry but when u said mind blowinng sex i knew it was not going to end well but hope it works out goodluck

C'est Moi


Your words are beautiful. Just beautiful.

And somehow, for some reason, they give me hope. I know that I'm too young to give up on this world, but sometimes.. oh well.

G'luck with everything.



the kid knows what he wants.

whitney houston

please tell cameron co-dependent magazine called. they want him for the cover.


Been looking for a Cameron for a long, long time. Glad you found yours. Hope to hear more about your encounters. Keep us posted, with your beautiful, gorgeous writing.


Ethan I'm really glad I found your blog. You make a young, impressionable, soon to be New Yorker hopefull that love really is out there. Keep write, the words really are amazing.


Sometimes hope is all we really need to make us happy and put a smile on our face.


Nice to hear that you still have that glimmer of hope flickering for someone in your heart. Don't let it extinguish.


Something about your writing...can't get it out of my head once I've read it...I appreciate it.

Bobby Alexander

This is one of your best. Love it.


ditto with wigetz. i've been hooked to ethan's writing since forever.

Bobby Alexander

Btw, don't keep us waiting till next month to hear part 2 of this! I'm so excited for you.


That's was fun to read...it flowed.
Having been reading your work for a while, I have to say that this "boy" really hit ya, cause you usually don't write this much for other men.

Question: how do you know it's not the one? do we all have to find "the one?"


here we go again.


Your writing is beautiful. Every time I read a post I feel drawn into it, the beauty of the writing is unreal. You almost don't need the pictures...

No, scrap that!


Cameron sounds cool


will you just write a book already... lol. good stuff

Kamasutra Jones

Trust me, it's best to let the bricks fall. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make them fall. Mine fell a year ago on Sunday and it's been the most spectacular year ever. Had I not let them fall, I'd be more miserable than I was when I met him.


Damn, I didnt think there was anyone else in the world that wrote this style of ramblings (as i like to call them). Lovely.
I'm holding thumbs for you both.


I love it when ppl fall in love :) more~ more~


I am sure at that moment, despite the thundering noises from the fallen walls, it's what makes u truly happy. I wondered if I should give the 2nd best person a try too..well time will tell!

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