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June 24, 2006



I really, REALLY enjoy reading your blog.


Uh oh, I recognise that horrid vertigo when you realise you've gone too far. Never turned out so well for me, though, you silver-tongued rogue. You're getting cocky.

eric m.

did you hear about the naked guy who went to the shrink and said "doctor, I always run around without clothes! am I crazy?" the doctor replied, "I don't know if you're crazy, but I can clearly see you're nuts." (ha, ha)

you forever fan


Dude, that last line totally me laugh out loud.

How could you ever say that with a straight face, I'll never know.


One might call you a lothario, if women were the ones being seduced...whatever the case, you are indeed a smooth one...I'm still laughing.


Great story! But a sad one as well. Sometimes we are getting too good at playing a game or role, so that we can't see when it's over, and time to be true and honest and even insecure: simply human. Might be, this boy is deeply impressed by your skills to play this role. But will he ever trust you?


oooh what a fun story!


hahahahaha...great story!!!!! I've missed coming here!


You are almost like the jester, who secretly rules the king's court. Enjoyed, as usual, your cut'n'dry understanding of our world. I am guilty of falling for the romantic musings of your earlier posts...I was hoping Cameron was still in your immediate future "-)


Ethan, where do meet all these interesting cute guys? I really need to know.

Or more to the point, how do I meet you?


You could use a little more irony mixed in with that self-congratulation.


Mark sounds cool


Love your writing, I'm hooked!

Did you consider that maybe, just maybe, that Abe in his own strange way, was cruising you when he kept saying, "Do we need to take this outside?"

whitney houston

1. he was cruising you
2. if he wasn't cruising you, you should have called a bouncer
3. i hate bitches that can't hold their liquor


My God. COuld you teach me all your secrets?



I just surfed on it. Great blog. I'll be sure to check in again.

... and then God created Men!

wow :)
Surely I am keeping an eye on this blog.

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