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July 07, 2006



Marry him!


Ethan I would marry both of you at this point. He's defenitly a keeper. Best wishes to you both. And by the way....have you read "The History of LOve"? Buy it now!


Goodness. Marry him? I would say...wait. Ah, what would the world do without the cynical human beings :D Yeah, even though you know this is not going anywhere, he's still worth the journey, whatever the final destination will be like. But that's just what I think :P


Leave a message on his voicemail and sing Depeche Mode's "I Want You Now";)


Awwww.... god, I wish I were you right now. I wish I was him right now. Ditto Jesse. I wish I was both of you right now! Daymn. Marry him you foolish heart.


That has to be the most romantic thing ever! Snap him up quick!!


Bobby Alexander


when I first met my bf, I was so shy around him and concerning him. I had so many words I wanted to say to him, but I just couldn't. So, I'd call him up and whether he answered or not, I'd just start singing Kylie Minogue's "Love at First Sight" to him. At all times of the day, it'd be like "Hello" and then "baaabyyyy when I saw you..."

and yes, he'd be holding in his laughter as well.


This guy sounds totally sweet, and rightly so, totally smitten. You are a great writer; I’m always so stoked when I see a new post.

I read a book that I read about on here, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things, and it was great - thanks for the rec. I have one back for you: Seven Types of Ambiguity by Elliot Pearlman. It's excellent.



Thanks man, I'll check it out.


That's great!

Jon Cox

AWESOME POST!!! I love your layout!


I love this damn blog. You better be working on a book.


...ok, u've not posted for a long time..that's ok..as long as you are having a good loving fun time with this guy already.

He's right...dont blow it

I wish I had a guy like that doing the same thing for me too :(


One guy I dated before, and I only dated because 1. he was cute and 2. Once he called and left a voice message in a song, with kinda like a telegram song rhythm to it: Hi... Just wondering.. How you're doing.. And you're not in.. I guess I'll call back later.. Talk.. to.. you.. soon! It was so funny and romantic.


sweet sweet memories, i had a guy steal my heart just like that. Amazingly sweet, romantic made me feel amazing and then he left with my heart. dont' drop your guard too easy but enjoy the ride. question > is it truly better to have loved, than to never have loved at all?

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