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August 12, 2006



nice to read an entry like this from you.


A perfect day indeed. Thank you for sharing a great story.


What a wonderful story! It's those kinds of experiences that make life worth living!


Hope springs eternal...


Like god was in a good mood... indeed. Days like that are so few and far between - thank you for sharing yours.

Johnny Diaz

Inspiring little slice of life. I smiled a little wider after reading that this morning. You could have also called the entry "Like Ethan was in a good mood today.''


here's to the dream we all share, right? nice to see you back. E


What a great way to spend an afternoon. It made me smile just reading.....


Think that's a dream that pretty much all of us share :)



I really enjoyed this entry... it was optimistic and heartfelt, but honest...

we live in a world that can be so brutally ugly and cruel in all it's beauty, that it's nice to see two people find a world in eachother in which to escape...

and consequently share that world with others...


glad to see you're back... it's been awhile since your last post... you've been missed.


What a surprisingly, wonderful change on your writing. It's so light and beautiful. Those little moments, days, are the ones that add up at the end, and it is great to find that in you. I told you you have to leave Chelsea every once in a while. LOL.


...like inspiring
thank you so much...

Lavi Soloway

Those of us who are substantially younger than Peter and George often miss out on the fact that there are many, many loving long-term relationships in our community. This story is truly inspirational and heart warming. Thanks for sharing.


Sometimes, we gain so much more from quietly walking, watching, and BEING with each other...I think our elders know the strength and simple sincerity of emanating their spirit.

Kind of like how we quietly ponder the pensive musings of our fellow webloggers...

Szymon Niemiec

God is always in good mood if He see happy people :)


dear Mr. SOG
i've been reading your blog and love it, btw, im asking for your permition to copy-paste this entry to my blog... is it okay? please let me know... it's so beautiful (really) you are a very talented writter.
and for the record,... i also want to link your blog to mine.
i hope it's okay with you.
i have a blog also but it's written in indonesian.

whether the answer is yes or no,... just let me know.



Oh please. You do too think you are special.


Dear Jonathan,
Thanks for the kind words. Flattered. Feel free to link and paste. And I'll check out your blog, though my Indonesian's a bit rusty.


Lovely story, 30 years together here which I still find unbelievable.


That was quite lovely.

There is nothing else more to say.


I love ur story's. I can't get enough of them. I really l;ike the one about you coming out to ur parents! very moving!


... thanks... a... lot...

Carl Hendrickson

yup, that's the way life should be isn't it?

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