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September 06, 2006



Glad to read another dialogue-driven blog from you, Ethan. Your deflection driven approach might serve this boy some good, since the brutal honesty I insist on often only brings me hurt.
take care!


The defection tactic is one of my favorites and you are very good at it. I bet your former trick is still thinking about his review and score. :-)


so its true:
you're really TOM CRUISE
writing a blog about your secret life that has been hidden so well from the public ...
which explains why you disappear for periods of time - so that you could bring your baby SURI into the world while staying away from the public eye
and to become a dad instead of a "daddy"
no wonder why you are so obsessed with making movies titled
dont worry, your secret is safe with me ...^_^


The only problem with that marvellous little trick is when you have a conversation with someone who is equally good at it... it ends up being not much of a conversation. Just lucky that most people are self-obsessed, hey?


Keeping secrets from your friends is a really great way to build strong, long-lasting relationships!


thousands of hits? a possible thousand contributor here. Nah, but yea, deflection is better than defence or offence. Love your post again Ethan.


Secret blogs....? I dont know anyone with a secret blog.

Good to know you and I are in the same boat. When faced with difficult questions, deflect, defelect, deflect.


A secret blog? Honestly, I think that's a misnomer. By its very definition, a blog, especially one as popular as yours, is open to anyone to read. So how can it then be a secret?

Still, I enjoyed reading it. Finally, something new from you. More, Ethan, we want more!


seems like, if he really wanted to know, he could have just googled you...


Hrm, well, he was asking for it.


How in the world would anyone have a secret blog?!

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