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September 14, 2006


Carl Hendrickson

Being out. Being gay. Both so natural and both so difficult. My story is simular so I'm as lucky as you are but there are so many who are not.

Thanks to the author and her special son for showing the way.


This is sweet. I have to say that I would rather be back in the closet and have the life I had back then than the one that I currently have.

Johnny Diaz

Very touching. One of your more deeper entries.


I'm too cried when reading this post. Definitely hit home for me. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


That was beautiful.


wow, that made me cry. great mom.

another gay dad

What a wonderfully moving story. It seems like you are part of a family of extraordinary writers and poets.


how bizarre in a way. except for the father part, this completely mirrors my own experience.
thank you for sharing. it reminds me to be grateful of the parents we have and that it could have been worse.


Thank you for sharing your story. It is nice to see that some peope have a good coming out experience.


Great story.
Only question - why is it so important that we gay sons say those words? Your mother wrote over and over again that she already knew you were gay, but she placed so much importance on the ridiculous act of "coming out" that she ended up causing years of pain.
I've endured similar circumstances, and while I understand that it was hard for her, I'll always wish she had taken the pressure off of me. Isn't that what parents are for?


i found this post through towleroad, and this, and your post, are both beautiful. thank you for sharing them.


wonderful. thanks this was great!


Moving story. Of course I had a tear.

And a tear of my hear as well.

I do agree with CAM, though. Why did it take so long for your mother to say the words? The parent / child realtionship put the parents in the lead. As a father I understand that now more than ever.

My own parents were afraid to voice their concerns for fear that they would somehow make them real. As if asking me if I were gay would somehow give me a taste for cock.


Of course, it wasn't okay with them, and they wanted to belive against all evidence to the contrary that I wasn't gay.

Such foolish things are parental hopes.

So glad that your mother was eventually accepting and understanding. How much better the mother or father that signals their acceptance and understand and tolerance to a child before being faced with challenge. Would that all parents were open to having a gay child from the start and created a space for all of their children to be themselves.


That was so beautiful... give your Mom a hug from me next time you see her... your Dad too...


I needed something like this today, something to warm my heart and remind me that I am not alone in this [gay] world. Beautiful!


That was absolutely wonderful....touching....


aww, that made me want to cry :'-(


What a wonderful story, and as usual with the ending we never expect. I guess writing talent runs in your perfect family. Please think about putting all these in a book form, because you know I have to have that book here. LOL


Sometimes words can be incredibly accurate and touching. A piece of poetry from a pure heart.

San Jose


A lovely story. Thanks for sharing it.


That was beautiful! In this sometimes hateful world, it is so great to read a positive and loving coming out story like yours. Your Dad's reaction was the reaction I think all gay son's would love to hear....it must have been like beautiful music! thanks for this lift! Joe


I've said it before but your family are grand.

Mine are too, mind you.

Just thought I'd share.

Miguel filipino

...simply beautiful



Dude, i have ears in my eyes! The fact that it was your mother who wrote the story made it more special to me.


very moving and very beautiful....tears were in my eyes

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