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September 14, 2006



Triple loved it.

Sadly it hasn't happened for my cousin who I know is hiding in his closet somewhere in NY.

I could never be unhappy if my child was gay.


I'm a married man with two children and a beautiful (but frigid wife). I came out to my mother on her 66th birthday that i have discovered i'm bi and that it has been men and transexuals who have been satisfying my needs for many years. She was very understanding and non-judgmental i'm glad i came out to her, but i'm still in the closet.


Reading this entry is a grace. Keep writing your beautiful words. :)

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wow. you are unbelievably lucky to have such understanding parents. im jealous


bastard! you made me cry!!

jeremy winters

Good God, what a bunch of crap.

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i am now sniff sniffing into my afternoon tea... this time last week we were sweating like we have never sweated before, in the best possible way to sweat. gosh how i miss my dearies and their perfectly perfect doilifying ways!

Nathalie Brown

i wish i have a son too.


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