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December 14, 2006



That's sweet. The fact that my romantic life is currently lived vicariously through you is not.


Wow... Made me cry a bit, just because it was so beautiful.


Funny that. Looks like every gets to sleep with everyone else in the end.

Luis Guillermo

This is so sweet! I think it's a very romantic story, even at the end. My best wishes.


perhaps the ones that go for the sex on the first night and make it a "one night stand" -like me-are just too drunk to remember anything about the sex -good or bad- and then too hung over to want to be touched -or cuddle-soon after?
followed by the sobering deep sleeping that allows your trick to sneak out w/out the chance of exchanging numbers -and names- and usually makes running into that person again -with his boyfriend- kinda innocent as well...
the life of a promiscuous drunk, funny, eh ?

ps- happy belated birthday ^_^


-sighs dreamily-
that was beautiful.

I 'just cuddled' with my straight laced beau for a long time before she let me get anywhere. . it has its own type of magic i must say

on another note,glad to see you're back. My refresh button almost quit on me these last two months you were away : )

Happy holidays & Best wishes Ethan !


What I say is - Get a life!!! How many guys have u slept around with? 1000? I am no prude but you are such a loser.


I don't think its bad. It's just a coincidence of bodies...


I was waiting for another Ethan classic. Good to have you back, man.

And what's this about belated birthday? Ditto that from me, too.


hey ethan, i'm an avid reader of your blog. excellent writing, should consider publishing a book :)

from a straight girl in singapore


I get the Jewish guilt. I have Catholic guilt and plenty to feel guilty for. ;)

Beautiful writing. I hope we get to hear more of the story.

I wish I had your self-control. I try...


How do you manage to make the city seem so very, very small.

All the gays wind up rolling together.

Just the way it should be.


Great post, i had almost given up on your blog, wide gap between 'colour of envy' and the next one,it was nice when i checked back to find not one but two new great posts.


Wow, that's amazing. I've only felt that kind of attraction once, and things didn't end too well. And since then I've been secretly waitng for something like what you're having now... Great Post, by the way.


I just wanted to comment on how much I enjoy reading what you write.

Thank You!


Pretty much the only blog entry of yours without a happy ending, if you know what I mean. Shocking!


You write with a kind of moving elegance, and I should give credit where it is due. I wish I had your life!


Hot story kind of made me horny.

San Jose


Just cuddling is awesome! And I SO get you and your jewish guilt! It's a curse that we jews have to deal with, but it keeps us balanced, no? Hope you had a Happy Holiday!


ethan, your blog has turned into a load of shit.
okay, so now you're in love with "austin." what about "bobby" from two days ago? i have three ideas here, all of which i think may be true:
1. you make all this up. i say this because no one's love life is as happenstancial and slutty as yours, not even the hottest whore in manhattan's.
2. bobby and/or austin are from the past, and you are just now writing about them.
3. it is all true and present, which would quite possibly make you the biggest psycho-whorish-incapable of actual love-bitch ever. i mean, who actually is shitty enough to hook up with both sides of a couple. you should get checked for stds.

ethan gray

happenstancial? Are you kidding? Is that even a word? No worries, here's one for you bud:
pre-ten-tious [pri-ten-shuhs]
1. full of pretense or pretension.
2. characterized by assumption of dignity or importance.
3. making an exaggerated outward show; ostentatious.


Looks like Ray hit a nerve.

Rarely does one defend himself by claiming pretention. Perhaps that is the most pretentious thing of all!

The Bitch

okay sport, i guess making up a word (happenstancial) was pretentious, but it's all the rage in academia, and i figured you, as a "writer," would be sharp enough to get my intent. however, maybe i was shooting above your head. after all, your blog has gotten just about as dull and uncreative as carey's at the end of sex in the city. maybe that's why neither of you two have ever gotten to write for the times? vocabulary aside, you never addressed my assumptions...
so is any of it real?
p.s. take tips from toby, he writes well
(note the alliteration. oops, teehee, silly me, that was SOOOOO pretentious, wasn't it?)

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