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January 31, 2007



I can't help but smile...

Now, I'm remembering my old friends too...

I wish you'd try too meet up with Beau and tell us about it...hmmm.

Adnan Ahmed MD

interesting how life can take a different turn at any point and it only hits us in retrospect. As ever I am enamored by your writing style.


Oh yes I remember 30 and 40 and even 50. As I’m sitting here in Puerto Vallarta watching the green tropical trees swing in the rain the memories flash by with the torrents of water running down the street. The tropical humidity passes as with the brown smooth wet bodies with the bright white smiles remind me of youth. Beauty is always all around to enjoy and lust after.



I went hysterical after reading this... Moved away from home at 15, I could identify with all those little things you've written here.

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