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March 22, 2007



I love your stories/essays. This is one of the best. Thanks.


Great Story! You're an awesome writer.


Ethan...Your blog is the first forign one I've ever seen. Like FIRST LOVE, it's so precious to me. And to be honest, I love your story with Seth...sigh.


you should have just asked me to escort you... we could arrive in high fashion look better than everyone else and made him remember the mistake he made by letting it all end all those years ago.

oh yeah... you still havent agreed to meet me!

the perfect plan foiled...coffee?



"You had me at Honolulu."
Love it. Ethan, you're like inspiration on a stick. (no pun intended) lol. You are so worth the wait, I love reading your blog. take care.


Thank you Ethan!! Your amazing talent oozes from every typestroke (pen stroke would be anachronistic these days, eh?).

I LOVE your ending sentence...to serve (or service?) the Marine-for-one-night doctor is the only honorable thing you could've done.

And I do hope you fall lustfully, completely, and whole-heartedly in love with someone so that when you hear of Seth unexpectedly, you will smile, but quickly return to the man in your arms.


One of the best. I love your writing.

Put it in book form already.



Always a delight. Ditto to all that's already been said and more.

You write like I want to write. Clean and effortless.

Something to shoot for.

All the best.

Jim Baldwin

There aren't doctors in the Marines.

Army, Air Force, Navy, yes, Marines, no.

Nice story as usual though.



Wrote an entry in my blog which involves your writing in general and the consequences of some of it on my own life. I'm going through a hard time right now. You may well have affected my life in a more profound way than either you or I yet realize.

Direct link to the entry is:

Bernardo M.


First of all, I want to make clear I have read all your entries and followed your blog closely for about one year and a half. Having said that, I would like to ask you to revisit your old writings. It will make a very fruitful exercise and hopefully guide back to those splendid posts that got me hooked to your blog.

It seems to me you have lost your way in writing this past year. Your posts no longer show 'you' as whole, as person. Unfortunately they have become unidimensional.

All the best,
Bernardo M.


that was a very good story. im getting over a recent breakup and i can relate so much with what you say. i ask myself everyday, when will it go away, that pain of missing him, even though i know its best not to be with him. i think youre right, when you say its easier not knowing much about him. thanks


30? damn. Smile and don’t be blue. I love this blog it’s the best and that must mean “your” the best right!
Separate from the world and create your own plane of pleasure and fun.



Wow, Ethan. I can relate all too well. For me, it's a song that brings it all back. 'Melissa' by the Allman Brothers. The irony in reading your post?? His name was JT.
Do you ever hit Hell's Kitchen? I'dlove to shake your hand some day! Take care!


god that was so cute.


Ethan Ethan Ethan, what can I say? Great work. I always look forward to reading your blogs. When I was at work I used to read your blogs on my Sidekick2 cuz at times things would get really slow and I'd start thinking about my life and getting depressed. Squinting didnt help, so I went to my nearest Barnes & Noble n purchased a journal. I print your blogs onto it in script form and carry it with me everywhere I go. Like my own personal book of reflections, surprisingly Reflections was burnt onto the leather journal book.
Keep them coming, my journal has way too many blank pages. No one elses work is worthy of being placed in that book!
Hope to meet/chat/txt you some day.
Martin Martinez


I love reading your blog, dude. It's like curling up with a great book of short stories... warm blanket, cold night.

Chad Hunt

It's been a long while Ethan, but I'm glad to be back. I missed your handsome face and that just so adoreable and innocent smile of yours. You are truly one of the few people I think I can relate to on higher levels. Some people in life just have that effect on you. It took me moving clear across the country to forget mine. All of NYC was a trigger for me. I finally have the strength not to answer his texts or call him to see if he needs anything. I finally feel I can love someone else again and just maybe let them love me. I hope someday soon you will to. I know just what a great person you are and sometimes still wish "The Color Purple" wasn't the only moment we had.


The best line had to be the final one: "'Twas the night I entertained the troops". You have no idea how hard that made me laugh. Good for you! Keep up the amazing writing.


oh my god birthdays 30 can be very devistating to many. Post a guard..



Your stories are an inspiration to many of us. Take care and keep up the good fight!

Adnan Ahmed MD

That was one of the most interesting hook-ups / way to get past an awkward moment i have read as yet.


Pain is life. The flood of mental pain is what makes one human. Crying and shaking is the soul of mans inner slef and is what makes us great not weak.


Brian Finch

Yes, triggers. I find parties to be the worst. I'm not sure what your poison was, meth for me.

Great response to the Iraq line.

Ángel Manuel

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