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April 10, 2007




You are wonderful writer. You need to write a screen play about your ongoing life. It is fasinating. When I see a new post, it's just like another chapter in a good book. I can't wait to read the fallout and aftermath of this ongoing saga.


Ditto. It's always a treat to see another post from you. Always perfect.


Wow Eathan... Amazing post as usual, but who would have thought that such an innocent post would have stirred up such things? We all assume we are anonymous online, but this is quite... indescribably ironic.


I love pace of story-telling..."Way before we called it quits" lingers in my mind...that you both tried, but the damage was done.

The law of karma always applies, we all just need not to give it time constraints.

You rock, Ethan!


Great story, Ethan. I'm completely captivated by your blog...and look forward to every update.


I think I'd probably fall to bits if I read your posts and were actually a character in the story.

As an innocent bystander though, the read is always appreciated.


I have to second the karmic cycle, you never know when the boomerang is going to come back around.

It is always mindful to remember the law of return dictates that what we send out into the universe always comes back 10 fold in the direction that it was sent.

I also really enjoy your writing. It is beautiful and haunting. You capture emotions that when I read them are cathartic, because I can identify.



Glad you finally wrote about it and wonderfully, again. It was meant to be, I guess... let's hear about when he calls you etc.


i suppose i could stoke your cock (ego)and, like everyone else, say 'oh ethan, you are such a swell writer'...

but i dont fawn quite so easily.

in october i posted:

i imagined something like this:

guy he is dating: blah blah blah

BFBF: ::rolls eyes:: never mind

guy he is dating: i am all lame and trying too hard. i know i suck

BFBF: ugh, you suck. you stay here while i go call my other boy friend! he will know what i should do.

anyway. we talked thru his problem and then had one of our funniest conversations i can recall. in the middle of which:

me: just dump him, come home and marry me.

ya know, i think i am gonna have to do just that.

me: (screaming) WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! finally the master plan has come full circle and i have ruined you for all other men.

i quickly changed the subject before he could change his mind (and reminded him sunday that he agreed to marry me).

and yesterday i met the 'guy he is dating' who read the post ages ago and has been festering about it ever since.

i really feel for ya, i know it isnt easy to sit in the middle with that pit in your stomach feeling some sense of sick satisfaction and an overwhelming sense of guilt and dread.

try to remember u didnt do any of this alone and it is all fairly insignificant in the long run.



This is not the inevitable "way of the world." I'm going to have to go with the "evolution" (or lack thereof) option.


maybe you're just human?


ethan, dear ... i just stumbled across your blog and read your "zach" story ... it's fantastic - and so human. i've done the same and don't regret it. it was out of sheer will of survival. your writing is exceptionally fine, try to publish some stories ... this story! i've added you to my favs. - a great big thank you! :o)


well, I did the same once and it did a head-double-size effect, but I did not regret it, I think he has the right to know and it made me conclude more that he's actually worthless the time and effort


Yes, those boomerangs...


hey there, you have a wonderful story. too bad you post once in the blue moon!


WOW....I really don't know what to say here, except I have been there. A few times the words that I had put in my blog had come back to haunt me, but in a way I was glad to have those words out there for that person to marinate in and really think about. It was my way of telling them with out really having to say it myself, and the original intention was not for him to read it....SO weird for people are brought to read our blogs...


Whoa. Guess blogs have become far more important than we imagined.


you's a drama queen.


Ethan, I love your work. Your life is so rich you have so much to share. Keep it up, bud. I can only try to nail my style like you do yours.


so heartbreaking...

Freelance Cynic

It's amazing how those thoughts we send out into the world grow teeth and come back to bite us.


when are you going to post again? two months is two long.


See what happens when you abandon your blog? Some whack job takes it over. Thanks for all the interesting and thought-provoking stories, Ethan. See ya


Hey, I added you to my blogroll. Could you take a look and see if my site is worthy to be on your roll? :-)


Glad I 'rediscovered' your blog again. I hadn't been reading as I thought you stopped posting. Riveting, as before.


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