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April 10, 2007



I tried to send a message in a ballon to my hopeful beau in San Fran. Went up about 500 feet and popped.

Adnan Ahmed MD

Ethan gray, please come back. While it was a significant point in your life to come full circle in a relationship that made a huge impact in your life, fans addicted to your writing want you to continue. Its a treat to look at the world through your eyes and I wish you publish "the black wind" one day, you have a potential buyer in Karachi, Pakistan.
(Btw, althought I had been following you for the last 9 months, it was only today that I realized that one can post comments without having a typepad account)


I echo the above post.
Please come back . seems like all the bloggers that i begun the journey with a few years ago have slipped away. been reading you from almost the beginning now and miss you

come back !


Great blog! I just added you to my blogroll at qlipp.com.



I have to admit that I read your post as a link from somewhere else.

You had me at 'when ...'


I've gone back to the first and spent a lazy Sunday reading some of the most amazing and eloquent writing I've been fortunate to find online.

You definately have a new (and dare I say addicted) fan.



I miss you :(


Please blog, you are refreshing!

Bernardo M.

I'm sure you've got some telling to do...


Ethan, I just finished reading If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things. Thank you thank you thank you for recommending it. It made my day/week/year. It's my favourite book now.


It appears that you are no longer updating your blog (boooooo!).

In an effort to keep my blogroll fresh and up-to-date, I’m going to remove your site from it.

If in the future you start blogging again, just let me know and I’ll add you back.

Hope all is well. Please keep in touch.


C'mon man kick it into gear for goodness sake.... 4 Months??
Are you still Dead?

Bernardo M.

You were a bit overdramatic, but even so I miss your posts.

Wish you go back to blogging mood soon enough!

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