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November 11, 2007


Jack in Sydney

You know, it always shits me to stumble across a blog that reads as well as yours, only to spend a couple of days reading the whole thing and then realising that it's gone quiet.

Thanks for sharing what you did, but BLAST it if I'm not annoyed that you're not posting anymore.


NEW LINK OF "Burbujas de Carne":



Michael S.

Damn, that hurts good.

Ash Angelo

If there's one person I could fall in love with, by just reading his writings, it's you Ethan. =)


Please blog more, such an amazing blog!


I miss you!!!


pls come back ! or at least finish what you started !

i make it a point to come by and check here once a month

hope you are okay


Interesting to know.


Love your blog!

Check mine out, would love to be added to your list! thx!


Cerene Masters

I seriously doubt that this relationship really reflects the nature of love. While it is possible that these two have a connection that defies the body, how can they integrate their love and combine their energies as those in love can as they have the polarity of gender to magnetically bond them.

Cerene Masters


Cerene Masters



how do democrats get away with ignoring same-sex marriage rights? because they think they can. let's change that in the year 2009. write toward our rights:


Kyle Devin

Well, I certainly hope this means you are back. Your post makes me totally want to be on Fire Island right now. Damn, I would even be happy at East Hampton or Shelter Island. I need lobster soooo badly.


2009 and some fans are still here
where are you?

Bernardo M.

Still waiting for your return...


i sooooo miss your blog.
hope you're well. =)


We are nearing two years and still some of us check to see if you are back. But, no you are not.


Like others, I check in to see if you have returned...

DC Man

Where are you, man?! I miss your posts so badly. Please keep writing!


its 11 nov 2009
this is pathetic but you are so great ethan


this is to the Shades of Gray fans: Do you guys think Ethan is ever comin back? Is it time to give up ? :(

Bernardo M.

I miss your clarity, Ethan...

Though much of what you said didn't relate directly to my life, the way you chronicled your own feelings and relatioships taught me so much of how people feel and live nowadays. Not of how they did in the 50's (for what I thank Camus); but for how a present day gay man sees himself and others surrounding.

Anyways, sorry for not being too clear about what I had to say... It's not my talent anyway. It's yours; come back for fuck sake!


Hey. Ricky Martin came out. Didn't you like sleep with him or something? ;) As I recall you described him as bi...

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