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May 14, 2010



Hi Ethan, missed you. Have read quite many blogs meanwhile, most of them were black and white, simple, a bit boring. Missed some shades of gray in between. So it's good to have you back! :-)

Just read one of your older entries: "The One", the quest for Mr. Right. Not so much has changed, it seems... Maybe it's not about finding the perfect match, but to become one yourself. Maybe you are sending on the wrong frequency. Do you know the "Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm. Might be worth having a look.

And don't care about us. Write for yourself. That's why we are reading you


Great writing..so much miss your story.

eric in l.a.

Don't stop asking questions...


U inspire me, I kept your feed hoping you'd come back... And you did.

Jeff in Chicago

Great to have you back man....


OMG, you're back! I felt a nudge in my throat when I finished to read this story...

Joel Derfner

Ethan, you haven't written anything here for more than two weeks. Have you dumped writing? Or did you decide it was just a fuckbuddy?


have so missed your words. was sitting at brunch the other day and was telling a group of Americans (who are visiting for the world cup) about this guy in New York who used to make me believe, make me feel inspired, made me ... somehow less cynical. Am glad that you are writing again.

abc defg

Don't give up. Life is a multiple choice. There are no wrong answers, unless you believes differently. A little narcissism creates art; too much creates paralysis.

'All human wisdom is contained in these two words--"Wait and Hope."'


I came over here because I loved a paragraph of yours a friend posted on her blog. I hoped I'll find the feeling that paragraph gave me in some other writings I'd find here and this was the first piece I read and it gave me just that feeling.

I love the beauty and easiness of this.
I hope you come back soon.


On a random chance, I decided to check your blog because I love reading the old posts...and to my surprise, you had new ones! Glad you are back!


Welcome Back! Been missing you.


He already is writing the great American novel. Hope this story has a happy ending. Did Cameron say yes?

Bernardo M.

great to read from you again...

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