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May 13, 2010


eric in l.a.

Huh. My rule is to wait 5 dates... but I also draw a strong line between "real" dates-- guys in their 30s/40s that I genuinely want to get to know, see if there's a connection there, etc.-- and let's-go-fuck dates, which is almost exclusively the domain of well-built 20-somethings that think I'd be hot in bed (and who am I to not prove to them they're right?) ;-) So for the real dates, it's not until #5 that we get to play sexypants. And for the others, well, I prefer "rendezvous" to "dates." A little French makes anything more classy.

Anyhow, voila: through a little creative bifurcation, I get to manage those bad cases of sexy eyes while still keeping it on the up-and-up for getting to know Mr. Right.

(...what's that? Why am I still single? Sorry, I can't hear you, I have to go fuck this UCLA diver I met at Starbucks this morning...)


you whore!!! hahahahahaha you are soooooooooooooooooo back!!!!


Sexy eyes will fade with age, 20-somthing-20-vision will require glasses and hopefully, someplace along the way, you will fall so hopelessly in love that you will embrace your blindness..while all you other senses are heightened by a heart pounding so hard and so fast...that sexy will be viewed as just another four-letter word...
...personally, having never laid eyes on you (sexy or otherwise) I think your writing is sexy and glad you are using your hands at the keyboard instead of somebody else's cock....keep writing SFMH

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I think I know the boy with blue eyes at the coffee shop...intimately! LOL While sex is only one part of compatibility...it's an important one. I have found we love those who ALLOW us to love them.....my 2¢. Glad you are writing again and letting me enjoy it. Thanks!


LOL, Almost 2 decades and I didnt know there was a name for it. I wish I could be a whore like you, life would be so much fun....


As a writer myself, I'd love to chat with you sometime about it. None of my friends are writers, so I always feel extremely alone in that respect. Your blog is fantastic. Keep it up. And never write with the audience in mind. Your friend is totally right. Read Stephen King's "On Writing" for inspiration. - Chris


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