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August 06, 2010


eric in l.a.

here's to us all getting married...


Congrats Californians!


sweet....a new post!!! And yes, good news from California!!!


where did you disappeared to! Grats!


OMG, after 3 years you are finally back. You have idea how much I have missed you ad your writing. And also at such a critical juncture. I was also hoping that I could find your book being published one day (not that it would ever have made its way in Eastern NC) but its still great to see you back. Keep on writing, you have some Ethan Gray addicts across the world.



Bernardo M.

waiting patiently for your next story. even if it takes another few years!


Have you give up on your muse again, Ethan?

You need to write.


Brad Fallon

Very romantic indeed! Get married and have fun! Good luck.:)

kiralık devremülkler

thank you. i love to read this type of information posts. again thank you...


You came back for a while and now it seems you're gone again. I never dropped your blog from my reader, and I won't now, because if you've made one return, you can make another...


Wow! I'm glad to know you have new entries after the Fire Island one. Good thing I bookmarked your blog. Welcome back, Ethan. I'm a fan of yours.

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